The Learn To Macramé Program is an online, video tutorial program that came about in early 2016 as a result of ongoing requests for advice and from my passion for teaching and sharing the excitement of making macrame. 

Explaining the macrame technique in words is often difficult and time-consuming so I wanted to create a learning medium that would be accessible, convenient, easy to follow and fun! The step by step video tutorials introduce techniques progressively and build on existing skills with the aim of setting up the student with everything they need to know to continue their macramé journey even after they’ve completed the program. With instant, lifetime access to the tutorials, students can tune in to the program when and where is suits them and learn as fast or as slow as they need. 

But don’t take my word for it – heres a few testamonials…     

“I was originally an illustrator but about a year ago I stumbled across the world of fiber arts and macrame and fell in love it. After practicing both I realized how the two forms of medium benifit each other. Macrame helps me to refine my fine motor skills and it's soothing to the soul but what excites me most about making macrame is the connection that you build during your journey. Not only do you create lovely macrame pieces but you get to build relationships and build a tribe as well.  Macrame is something that is difficult to learn from a book, it's a skill that you learn best from watching another person showing it to you. I would recommend this class to others because Krystle is fun and easy going. She builds each class up on previous skills so it's super easy to follow and understand. If you can't make it to a face to face workshop, this is the next best thing.  This program gave me enough skills and confidence to continue designing and creating new pieces on my own. Since finishing the program I have opened up an Etsy shop, I have sold my pieces at craft shows and I have also designed a wedding arch.”  Julia Glukhoy Check her out on Instagram or via her website        

“I was inspired to start the program because I wanted to learn some basic knots and I love to add new crafts into my life that’s already chock a block full of craft! The satisfaction of the final product is what excites me the most about creating the macrame in the program, and it’s also fun along the way. I’d recommend the program to anyone wanting to handmake a gift or to those who really wants to get good at macrame.”  Jul Grant Check her out on Instagram 

“Sometimes I have to pinch myself because completing a piece like this was so far from what I had ever imagined I could create and had only dreamed about.”  Aimee

“Purchasing this macrame program was definitely one of the best things I have done for myself in a long time!” Angela

“A perfect combination of challenging and fun! I enjoyed every minute of making and love all of the finished pieces“  Angela

“Excellent tutorials and program for a beginner. Krystle's videos are great - clear instructions and fun! I am enjoying the course very much. Thank you! X”  Anna  

It’s been so amazing sharing the experience with these women - some have totally doubted their abilities at the beginning but have gone on to create absolute masterpieces and take themselves by total surprise, and as you can see some have even gone on to create their own macrame businesses!

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Seeing others froth on macrame makes me pretty damn happy.