Gallery - Home Vibes


Here is a collection of a few of the pieces I have made over time

Macrame Wedding Arch "DOMONI"

Large Plant Hanger installation at Cardomom Pod Restaurant - Gold Coast



A huge copper custom piece - over 2 metres wide!

The very popular Majestic wall hanging - designed in 2015

Details of "Ashleigh"

Majestic Jewel amongst my favourite cacti

The large "Lacey" wall hanging


The large "Ashleigh" wall hanging

A custom piece - the customer wanted a boho fusion of black, grey and bronze to match her bedroom decor

The perfect combo - macrame and plants!

Oh how I love my tassels

Some final adjustments

A close up of a detailed aztec custom wall hanging

Trimming a large Majestic Jewel

One of my first ever wall hangings!

Macrame Hammock Chair

Details of "Lacey"

Our best selling pattern "Luna"

Magazine Feature - Shop Til You Drop

Workshop patterns


Love Beam - A Learn To Macrame piece

Learn To Macrame Program Pieces

Two Majestic Jewels sitting pretty

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