About Home Vibes

Welcome to Home Vibes where the free spirit and creative soul are celebrated!

Here you will find unique, textured wall pieces that speak of gratitude for the simple, authentic life. Each piece of Home Vibes Macramé is made by hand (both of my hands, actually) utilising natural products like unbleached cotton and revived driftwood from local beaches along the East Coast of NSW and Queensland, Australia.

Why choose handmade macrame?
> Your piece is unique. Natural differences in driftwood and the handmade process ensure that no two pieces that I make are identical.
> Your piece is high quality. I put many hours into each wall hanging and take pride in the pieces I create. I sand the driftwood, polish the copper and fasten the ends of cotton to ensure each product will not only look great, but will last. If I am not happy with the aesthetics or the durability of a piece it will not leave the studio.
> You are directly supporting a real human via more than just an income, see below.

My Story
After losing touch with my creative side while I studied at university, I began to dabble in fibre art a few years ago when my Nan taught me how to knit (not knot). After breaking my knitting needles half way through a project (how annoying!), I started making dream catchers with crochet centres and fiddling around with different techniques like weaving. I was craving a creative outlet that didn't require a pattern or a rigid set of rules (or any musical talent - I tried to teach myself guitar and failed miserably!). I stumbled across macramé somewhere down the fiber art road and I fell in love instantly. After many months of experimenting with different types of rope, mountings and patterns I opened my online shop in 2015.
Its been an exciting journey! Its so fun to try something new each time and watch how the piece comes to life - starting with simple knots and evolving into more complex patterns. Now, a year or so down the track, I am able to "work" from home with my new baby girl - what an amazing privilege! Something I could not do so easily with my Physiotherapy degree.

Macramé encourages me to slow down and embrace the moment; it gives me time to reflect, time to unwind and time to just be. In those quiet moments creating, I am content and I guess in a way, it is my kind of meditation.
I hope the piece you choose to hang in your home uplifts your spirit as much as it did mine.

Let the Home Vibes shine!


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