About - Home Vibes

My mission is to inspire you to find the creative joy in your life via a range of resources that are accessible, easy to digest and fun! 

There’s nothing quite like being curled up at home, rain pitter pattering on your windows, tea steaming on your side table with your latest creative venture, half completed in your hands. Those feels are what Home Vibes is all about. This business is built on creative play and soul nourishing experiment - that blissful feeling of flow is at the heart of everything that we do. We aim to make people happier, one crafty project at a time, cos we believe, the more making the merrier!

Krystle has been creative her whole life and when she found macrame and weaving, she knew she had found her true passion. 
She fell in love with macrame due to its creative freedom, versatility and non-reliance on rules or fancy equipment. The lack of macrame in the market at the time allowed for free flowing creativity without comparison - through trial and error she taught herself macrame and created work with her very own style. After many months of experimenting with different types of rope, mountings and patterns Krystle launched the Home Vibes online shop in October 2015 with just a few wall hangings. 
Fast forward a little and now, as well as crafting herself, Krystle is also passionate about sharing her skills and knowledge and empowering others to create. For this reason, Home Vibes is now a supplier of quality fibre supplies and a range of learning resources including video tutorials, patterns, DIY kits, workshops and online courses. 

“Macramé encourages me to slow down and embrace the moment; it gives me time to reflect, time to unwind and time to just be. In those quiet moments creating, I am content and I guess in a way, it is my kind of meditation. It’s something I truly believe makes me a better person. I hope the piece you choose to hang in your home or the project you have decided to create uplifts your spirit as much as it does mine.”

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